Help seminarians deepen their understanding through the application of self-driven projects and targeted research.

While Orthodox Christianity has deep roots in Ethiopia, evangelical churches are very few. Behind the evangelical identity crisis is a crisis of formation. Ethiopian evangelical churches today are largely cut off from history, biblically illiterate, and catechized more by prosperity gospel, faith movement, and false teachings than by the creeds. Today’s evangelical Christians are naturally being shaped more by the ideological heresy and cult than by theological orthodoxy.

With your help, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we want this project to be a seed that bears a newfound sense of unity, acceptance, and peace by preaching the true gospel to glorify the triune God. We will train His servants to walk in His word, and take His word to others to protect them from false teachings and heresies.

I invite you to be a part of this effort. Through your support, you will play a significant role in helping a volatile landscape transition to an environment of tolerance and spiritual growth.